The main missions are:

supporting all those in need, in particular transport workers and their family members and those working in the transport industry,

— promoting social attitudes, values and behaviours among the public, such as a willingness to make sacrifices for the common good, a willingness to help the weak and disadvantaged, which serve to build a mature civil society,

— supporting individuals to develop their talents and passions, especially through learning, training using modern information technology to support teaching processes is an extremely important challenge in today’s world.

The Foundation’s core values are the common good, concern for the vulnerable and elderly, mutual respect, diligence, trustworthiness, honesty and commitment to social development through individual development.


The main aim of the Foundation is to work for the benefit of those employed in transport and their family members and those working with the transport industry, as well as for the general public through:

a) actions promoting modern logistic solutions in road transport,

b) any action to protect the environment and, in particular, to promote new technologies in road transport and logistics,

c) to carry out activities to improve the social, material, cultural and livelihood situation of those employed in the transport industry, with a particular focus on those with many years of experience in transport, linking their future with their personal development and careers to the transport industry,

d) supporting the development of entrepreneurship, fostering economic and financial education,

e) following the example of the Founder, to promote economic activity in which personal and financial success is combined with social responsibility and results from a willingness to make sacrifices for the benefit of all, efforts for the common good and a desire to help the weak and disadvantaged
and those afflicted by fate,

f) to strive to disseminate the concept of civil society, including presenting and representing it to state and local authorities and other public and private institutions
and private institutions,

g) supporting ideas and solutions for the implementation of new projects relating to technological and organisational developments in the transport industry,

h) to support individuals in developing their talents and passions through learning, training using modern information technology to support teaching processes,

i) organising various projects, events and other types of artistic, musical, business events.


  • Adam Byglewski
  • Władysław Bojarczyk
  • Marian Szamatowicz
  • Janusz Tomaszewski
  • Wojciech Strzałkowski


  • Jerzy Wojciech Szaciłowski – President of the Foundation