With the aim of supporting talented young people, the Robert, Adam Foundation came up with the initiative to purchase a musical instrument and then donate it to the person playing it through a competition.

On 16 May 2022, the ‘Dream Violin’ competition was launched. The main prize was a contract for the loan of a violin made in 2017 by Hristo Todorov – a master of his profession. To participate in the competition, you had to make an audiovisual recording of a piece of any solo or with accompaniment and post it on YouTube and answer the question “What role does the violin play in your life?”. We were waiting for entries until 20 June.

Below are the results of the first edition of the ‘Dream Violin’ competition and links to the winning pieces:

First prize – the loan of a master violin with a German bow and case – goes to Barbara Pliszka – https://youtu.be/S7MLlWsZr_A

2nd prize – a set of EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD strings with G gold 4/4 and 5 lessons with Ms Katarzyna Duda – goes to Karolina Wiśniewska – https://youtu.be/LT703OuPxKc

Third ex aequo prize – a set of LARSEN Cannone Solo violin strings and rosin – was awarded to Katarzyna Górna, Weronika Kuta and Gabriela Małachowska – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsY09gXZsoo; https://youtu.be/Y1KCXZoCNx8; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPXzH1E9QEg.

Outside the podium, albeit with an honourable mention, were also Matylda Majkowska and Izabela Siręga, who, in addition to the colophon, will each receive 3 lessons with Ms Katarzyna Duda – https://youtu.be/eAXCMeltQNY; https://youtu.be/xtcr_DJYCuw.

All other participants will also receive colophons. In addition to material prizes, commemorative diplomas will be awarded to all.

Barbara Pliszka – A. Głazunow – Koncert skrzypcowy a-moll op. 82 cz. I