Foundation activities – update 3 August 2022

“Robert, Adam – Fundacja” is currently renting 35 apartments in Białystok, where a total of 128 people are staying, some residents have decided to return to their homeland, but there are also refugees who are looking for a safe haven in Poland. We strive to provide our charges with comprehensive and long-term assistance. In addition to renting flats, we provide food, necessary RTV and household appliances, hygiene and medical supplies to those in need. In addition, we provide the necessary legal assistance and take steps to help Ukrainians find their way on the Polish labor market, and children to start education. With the help of our Foundation, many families found work, thanks to which they managed to become independent. Together with volunteers, we organize the purchase of the necessary funds requested by people from Ukraine. All activities carried out by us are adapted to the current needs of the beneficiaries on an ongoing basis. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the situation of many people is very difficult, and many of our Beneficiaries no longer have their homes in Ukraine, which were destroyed as a result of hostilities. The effectiveness and scale of our activities also depend on the support of external donors, which we constantly need. Thank you in advance for any help!