24.02.2022 24 February 2023

Since the start of hostilities on Ukrainian territory, the R.A. Foundation, which has been active since 2015, has taken on the provision of comprehensive assistance to refugees arriving in our country. Since March 2022, we have been renting flats, which we provide free of charge to refugees located in Bialystok. We provide our beneficiaries with furniture, white and brown goods, food, hygiene products, as well as healthcare. We want to guarantee the safety of people from the war-affected area and create conditions for a dignified existence in our country. In total, we have rented 55 flats in which nearly 200 people have found shelter.

In addition, we support the activity of Ukrainians in the labour market, organise Polish language courses for adults, as well as integration events for children and young people. This year, among other things, we managed to prepare a Children’s Day meeting, as well as a visit by Santa Claus from Lapland, in which our youngest charges took part.

The costs of the aid we provide are extremely high. Our work would therefore not be possible without the participation of donors who are sensitive to the harm and suffering of others. Thanks to the tremendous support of businesses as well as individuals, we are able to continue to provide care for Ukrainian citizens. Most of our beneficiaries are mothers with young children, as well as elderly people who have managed to cross the border and reach Poland.

We would like to thank all those who have supported our activities so far.