• Fundacja ERA „ ELENA, ROBERT, ADAM” Białystok


Support for children and adolescents residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland;

Supporting the development of entrepreneurship, supporting economic education and financial education;

Organizing scholarship and grant programs and training courses;

The most important values that the Foundation follows in its activities are: the common good, care for the weaker and the elderly, mutual respect, diligence, reliability, honesty and commitment to social development.


Easter food provision.

The Foundation does not forget about its beneficiaries and once again organises a food provision. For Easter, we have supplied our families, who reside in flats rented by our Foundation, with food. We do hope that those groceries will help with Easter preparations.

How we spent Women’s Day with the R.A. Foundation.

On the 9th of March, a Women’s Day organised by our Foundation took place at Vocational School No. 5 in Białystok. Our female beneficiaries had the opportunity to take part in make-up lessons organised by the Marta Gąska Makeup School, as well as to change their hairstyle thanks to the involvement of students, or to […]

Judo classes for our charges

We would like to invite Ukrainian youngsters, aged 5 to 16, to free judo classes! We are convinced that spending time at the trainings will allow you not only to develop your sports skills, but also to make new friends and integrate with other children. Classes will be led by experienced instructors who will take […]

Women’s Day with the R.A. Foundation

On the 9th of March, we organise Women’s Day foe our refugees.  We would like to thank our partners who supported the organization of this beautiful event and prepared many attractions for our female beneficiaries. Without your suport, this day would not have been so special.

“Znam polski” – Polish language course

The course is aimed at refugees from Ukraine who are staying in Poland and want to learn Polish. We propose learning in small groups (6-10 people), which will enable better contact with the teacher and therefore the effectiveness of learning will increase. The course will be conducted in the amount of 60 lesson (1.5 hour […]


Since the start of hostilities on Ukrainian territory, the R.A. Foundation, which has been active since 2015, has taken on the provision of comprehensive assistance to refugees arriving in our country. Since March 2022, we have been renting flats, which we provide free of charge to refugees located in Bialystok. We provide our beneficiaries with […]